ELSIE, Ore. -- It might have been the earliest rush-hour ever at the Oregon Coast. Locals told KGW the traffic at 4 a.m. Friday was equivalent to the volume typically seen on a summer Sunday evening.

At Camp 18 on Highway 26, the restaurant and the parking lot were full. The restaurant added 10 extra staff, even putting the janitor and handyman to work.

Coastal residents told KGW they felt prepared, and well-informed.

They had a fantastic way (of notifying). They did that reverse 911 call, what a great thing, said Sandy Shirk.

It's something that we should practice anyway, like a fire drill, evacuation drill, said Andrea Gray of Seaside. I heard they were doing them anyway so this is good and people take it seriously and so it's good to have that experience.

Local residents KGWspoke with expressed relief that, this time, the evacuation turned out to be more of a precaution than a real emergency.

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