SEATTLE -- We're No. 1! We're No. 1!

Despite a WNBA Championship and an improbable run to the NFL playoffs, Forbes Magazine has named Seattle the most miserable professional sports city for the third consecutive year.

This year's 7-9 Seahawks snagged a bogus home playoff game thanks to a faulty seeding system that rewarded them for winning a weak division, but they promptly lost in Chicago the following week, writes Forbes. Meantime, Kevin Durant and the Sonics are in Oklahoma City, and the Mariners, losers of 101 games last year, are still trying to reach a World Series after three trips to the ALCS. We're not counting the one-year run of baseball's Pilots in 1969.

They also aren't counting the Seattle Storm. The team won its second WNBA title last summer, but Forbes only lists the Mariners, Seahawks and Sonics as Seattle's teams. Between those three, Seattle has produced one championship in 111 total seasons.

Atlanta comes in at No. 2. That city has more teams and a worse ratio of seasons-to-championships (153:1), but it could not unseat the Emerald City.

Henry Aaron and Dominique Wilkins brought plenty of thrills to Atlanta, but no rings, writes Forbes. The 1995 Braves provided the lone championship of a 14-year playoff run that included four World Series losses.

Third place goes to Phoenix.

Perennial pretenders: The Suns have reached the NBA's Western Conference Finals nine times since 1976 without bringing home the hardware, writes Forbes.

The city has four major pro sports teams, but has brought home one championship in 92 combined seasons.

Buffalo, San Diego, Houston, Kansas City, Cleveland, Denver and Cincinnati round out the top 10.

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