PORTLAND -- In April 2009 Dave Boring knew he needed to make a change.

At 47, the married father of three weighed more than 300 pounds, relied on several prescription medications and his family's health history was not good.

I hadn't developed diabetes yet, but I was on cholesterol medication and high blood pressure medication, He said. He decided once and for all to lose weight. I just needed to get healthy.

Nearly two years later he's nearly reached his goals.

I've lost 108 pounds so far and I'm not done yet.

He's no longer on medications. He says he did it by eating less and working out more. That's an abbreviated version of the story, of course.

It really took a lot of dedication and effort to change a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits.

He started by changing his diet. He ate six small meals a day. He incorporated cardiovascular exercise six days a week, then slowly added weight training.

Along the way people close to him started noticing. His parents, siblings, wife and his college-aged kids wanted to experience the same health benefits. To date, eleven in the the group have together lost a whopping 518 pounds.

His parents, Lorna and Erwin Boring, are in their 70's and enjoying new energy. They consulted their doctor, followed their son's weight-loss model and together they've lost 150 pounds.

They've also lost the need for a host of medications and machines to help them breathe in as they sleep.

Lorna Boring says it makes me thrilled because our family history is not good.

That family history includes stroke, hearth disease and diabetes. Erwin Boring says (we) lost the C-pap machine for breathing at night ... so that's really great.

Dave Boring says the key to his success has been access to a high-tech tool used in research facilities and on NBC's television show The Biggest Loser called the Bod Pod.

You sit in the egg shaped capsule for a couple of minutes and it determines your body composition of fat and lean muscle mass. It also determines your resting metabolic rate so you know how many calories you need, or need to cut.

He says he had access to one of the only pods in Portland when he started his weight-loss journey in 2009. It helped him stay on course.

He wanted to make the technology more widely available so he formed the business Vitela Health and purchased several pods.

I started losing weight ... we wanted to document how people were losing fat, not lean muscle, and we found a way to do that.

The Bod Pods are now in high demand when he takes them to Portland-Vancouver Metro area gyms for testing.

In nearly two years Boring lost more than 100 pounds, inspired his family lose more than 500 pounds and he's started a local business. He says it's all about living a healthy life.

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