VANCOUVER -- A grieving fiancee was left with nothing but questions after her boyfriend died Friday when police said he jumped from a parked pickup bed into a lane of traffic, getting hit by a passing car.

The driver, Christopher Palaia, 42, was going down State Route 14 in Vancouver Friday night, when WSP said he slammed into Brad Bouton, 52, who was using a pickup to tow another pickup. Bouton died instantly.

He didn't have to die, a tearful Deena Houseman said, He could be home right now.

Houseman was planning a wedding in July, and instead was left with a funeral.

Brad backed up and was putting the safety lights on it, she said. He (the owner of the disabled truck) heard Brad jump down on the other side of the car . . . and that was it . Just in an instant.

Washington law says drivers must move over when there's flashing lights, but many tow truck drivers say people rarely do.

I just about got clipped one night, said Ryan Wall from Action Towing in Vancouver. He just came by and just about got us all. It was close. I was up against my truck. I mean it was close. Nobody slows down, they just keep on cruising right on by.

Bouton was a father of six and grandfather to 17.

Just trying to understand why. Why did he have to be taken, Houseman said as she gripped a photo of Bouton.

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