SALEM, Ore. -- Probable cause documents showed a Keizer man admitted to detectives that he fatally shot his wife in the head after he learned she was cheating on him.

Marion County deputies said 39-year-old Peter Zielinski told them he had suspected for a couple of months that his wife 38-year-old Lisa Zielinski was having an affair with another man.

After telling detectives he had confirmed that information, an intense discussion followed in the minutes after Lisa got home, early on the morning of January 12.

Peter suspected she had been at the other man's apartment. He told a detective he took a shower then hugged his wife, noting a look of disgust on her face. Peter said he planned to get a glass of water, but instead retrieved his loaded .40 caliber from the bedroom closet.

He then told police he aimed the gun at Lisa's head as she stood in the bathroom and fired just up, according to the document.

Medics and officers found Zielinski dead inside the couple's home on Nightingale Court.

Keizer Police said Peter Zielinski contacted police after calling an after-hours 9-1-1 dispatch phone to request an ambulance for his wife Lisa just after 7 a.m. and said I don't know what I did.

An autopsy Wednesday showed Lisa Zielinski died of a gunshot wound to the brain.

Zielinski was charged with one count of murder and held without bail.

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