PORTLAND Earlier this month the FBI busted a national child slavery ring and more than two dozen kids were rescued in the Northwest.

Investigators say many of the involved pimps continue to operate in Portland.

Background:Portland takes on child sex trafficking ring

A former prostitute and pimp shared some insight into child sex trafficking. I was jumping in and out of cars about every 5 minutes all day long, said Tiffany, who asked KGW not to use her full name.

Abandoned by her family at 13, Tiffany ran away to downtown Seattle. A pimp had her smoking crack and turning tricks within a day.

As an underage prostitute, she said she was shot in the back by a customer and came face to face with the notorious Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway.

All of a sudden I saw him behind me as I started to get into the back of his truck. He had something over his head like he was going to hit me, so I ran and ran, rolling down a hill to get away, said Tiffany.

Eventually, Tiffany moved to Portland and became a pimp herself. She made more than $5,000 a day, operating escort services in Portland and Seattle, before authorities caught up with her.
Portland is the pimp capitol and Seattle is the ho capital, said Tiffany.

Dr. Cyndi Romine helps survivors like Tiffany. She believes more and more underage prostitutes and customers from Seattle are now doing business in Portland.

That's because Washington state recently passed tough new laws against child sex trafficking. Customers caught with underage teens in Washington now face felony charges and prison terms.

In Oregon, they usually get off with a misdemeanor.

I had everything money could buy and was miserable, said Tiffany. Prison helped Tiffany turn her life around. Now she s attending college and hopes to one day open a safe house for kids trying to escape their pimps.

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Unfortunately, it s easy for pimps to lure in underage sex slaves. Tiffany says shopping malls are a common place to recruit kids.

These predators know who is vulnerable; they know who has poor self esteem. I would never let my kids hang out at any mall without supervision, said Dr. Romine.

About half of all pimps working the streets and escort services are now women. Pimps also use social networks and texting to recruit young girls and boys.

Tiffany knows firsthand how brutal their recruiting techniques can be. He threw me in the trunk of his car tied me up naked at his place with a pit bull in front of me, she said of one aggressive pimp. He said he was going to have the dog bite me if I didn't go out and work for him.

She said the best defense against pimps is quite simply to be involved in your children s lives, adding that kids who are abandoned don't stand a chance.

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