PORTLAND The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners approved the sheriff s request Thursday, for $209,656 to help pay for the Kyron Horman investigation.

The sheriff also outlined the scope of the new Kyron Horman task force in a report.

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Sheriff Dan Staton's request came with a line-item description of where every dollar will go.

Last July, Staton had requested a larger sum of money around $242,000 -- but then suddenly put that on hold. He said he wanted to table the request until October, and try to absorb the costs into his existing budget in the meantime.

Background:Sheriff tables Kyron funding request

Apparently that didn t work, so the sheriff went before the county board once again on Thursday morning.

Each of the county commissioners was granted full access to all of the details of the investigation, in order to help them make their decision about the added funding.

They know that I'm not wasting taxpayers' dollars. That this process has been thoroughly thought through. That I, as the sheriff, am being responsible to our public, Staton said, after Thursday's meeting.

Kyron has been missing since June 4 and the search that followed his disappearance was the largest ever in Oregon history. Most recently, search efforts have focused on Sauvie Island.

The sheriff told commissioners that he's hopeful investigators can wrap up the case by late January. He said he has four thick binders full of leads that are flourishing and developing in the case.

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No suspects have been named in his disappearance but Kyron s step-mother, Terry Moulton Horman has been under intense scrutiny from both police and Kyron s parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young.

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