OREGON CITY -- Moses the Camel, who was pulled from a sinkhole early Wednesday morning, got to meet his rescuers Saturday.

Moses was on hand at the 29th Annual Safety Fair at Danielson's Hilltop Mall in Oregon City on Saturday morning. Some of the crews who helped rescue the now-famous camel were seeing him for the first time since the ordeal, and they reminisced abut the unusual rescue.

We heard the call and we looked at each other and thought, 'This has got to be a joke,' said Firefighter Paramedic Shawn Mullen.

We couldn't get any equipment down there, so it was all brute force, Mullen added. It was all just manpower, finagling which way to pull and where to pull without hurting his legs and further injuring Moses.

Miraculously, Moses wasn't seriously injured in the incident.

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