PORTLAND,Ore. -- The father of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman has dropped his motion to find his wife Terri Moulton Horman in contempt of court.

Kaine Horman's attorney initially filed the motion because Terri Moulton Horman shared the contents of a sealed restraining order.

A legal expert familiar with the case said it would allow Kaine to try and speed up divorce proceedings. A hearing on the contempt motion had been scheduled for September 21. That will now be canceled and Kaine could seek to move up a divorce hearing currently scheduled for October 7.

Kaine's son, Kyron disappeared from Skyline ElementarySchool in NWPortland on June 4. Terri has not been charged with any crime or labeled a suspect or person of interest, but has been the focus of the investigation into her step-son's disappearance.

Kaine told KGW that dropping the motion also serves other purposes.

It's an act of good faith on our part, Kaine told KGW. It shows that we're serious about not wasting the court's time with side issues. We want to get the divorce wrapped up so we can deal the important things and move forward.

Kaine filed for divorce on June 28 - two days after law enforcement officials told him that Terri had hired a landscaper in a plot to have Kaine killed.

Terri's divorce lawyer, Peter Bunch, filed papers earlier this summer saying that Terri agreed to a divroce but wanted to put talks concerning child custody, property and finances on hold. Kaine and his lawyer opposed any delay.

We need to get this wrapped up, Kaine said. There are bigger issues that need to be dealt with.

On Thursday, Kyron's birthday, his mother Desiree held a celebration at a church in her hometown of Medford. Another celebration, hosted by Kaine, was held on Sunday in Wilsonville.

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