PORTLAND, Ore. -- A daredevil cyclist is recovering from injuries after bombing down Timberline Rjoad on a child-sized bicycle Sunday.

Thrill-seekers call the activity Hoodbombing.

A battalion chief with Hoodland Fire department was first on the scene after the cyclist crashed.

It happened before 5:30 p.m. on a hairpin turn about halfway down the popular mountain highway.

Much like Zoobombing in Portland, riders use tiny bikes and barrel downhill as fast possible.

The potential for internal injuries after Sunday's crash was serious enough that paramedics ordered an emergency medical helicopter to fly the injured rider to a Portland hospital.

Bent the front end of the bicycle up and launched him about 35 to 40 feet down the guard rail down the concrete railing before he came to a stop, said Hoodland Battalion Chief Linn Norgard, describing the way the rider crashed.

Because no law enforcement responded to the incident, the name of the rider wasn't made public.

At last report, Norgard said the early 20-something who crashed was dazed but conscious, being checked out for possible back injuries.

Norgard said the rider was wearing a full-sized motorcycle helmet.

The group he was riding with did post a warning sign at the highway before the rider began.

Rescuers say they'd appreciate advance warning if the Hoodbombers do this again.

They'd like to have their medical personnel on standby so they can respond to any crashes quickly.

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