MEDFORD, Ore. -- An in-depth interview with NBC s Dateline, Kyron Horman s mother blamed Terri Horman for the breakup of her marriage with Kyron s father back in 2002.

Desiree said she was eight months pregnant with Kyron when she learned that Kaine was having an affair with Terri and it tore her apart.

I cried solid for two months and didn't leave the bedroom because I didn't understand why she somehow equated to something that was better than me and my son, Desiree said.

However, Kaine told Dateline that he and Desiree s marriage had already crumbled when his relationship with Terri began. Kaine said that he and Desiree had decided to live separate lives under the same roof until Kyron was born.

They later divorced and Desiree moved into a home nearby. She had full custody of Kyron and Kaine visited with him often.

During the Dateline interview, Desiree also explained how custody of Kyron eventually shifted to Kaine and Terri, who he married in 2008.

Custody agreement changed in 2004

Desiree said Kyron lived with her full-time for two years before she became very sick and had to make changes. Desiree had developed severe kidney problems and decided to grant temporary custody to Kaine, so she could go for treatment in Canada.

When she returned from Canada, Desiree s recovery was difficult and her medical bills were mounting, so she agreed to grant full custody to Kaine. Desiree told Dateline that she met Terri around that time and, despite the anguish Terri had caused her in the past, she thought Kaine and Terri could give her son a good life, so she took a step back.

She said she will always regret that decision.

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