PORTLAND, Ore. -- In response to questions from KGW NewsChannel 8, Kaine Horman admitted he still wears his wedding ring, and says he and others who knew Terri Horman did not see this coming.

Asked about his wedding ring, Kaine replied: Yes I am still wearing it. I m not sure why I have not removed it. The magnitude of Kyron being gone and our efforts to bring him home are of such higher priority in comparison I honestly have not even thought about it.

Kaine's 7-year-old son Kyron has been missing since June 4. Police have not named Terri Horman a suspect or person of interest but in court documents Kaine Horman stated that police provided him with probable cause to believe Terri had knowledge of Kyron's disappearance. In recent interviews, both of Kyron's parents have stated they are certain Terri was responsible for Kyron's disappearance.

In his response to questions from KGW, Kaine acknowledged that people have commented about 'how could he marry a woman like this' and how could he 'not see this coming.'

In response, he wrote: Terri was a good person when we first met and for several years (I d say up until 2008). She was always about children (teaching) and helping them grow and develop. Her attitude was always about those types of things first, her own self not even being a priority close to that. I believe that this is the Terri that everyone else saw and got to know as I did.

Honestly everyone, including myself, that knew her or knows her did not see this coming. She was not the type of person we are seeing right now, added Kaine Horman.

There were some signs of emotional distress here and there over the past year and a half but not enough of that directed at any one person to conclude she would be capable of anything even remotely close to events of the severity we have all seen.

She recently got her teaching license re-instated and has been applying for teaching positions so even the state of Oregon didn t see this coming, wrote Kaine Horman.

Friday afternoon, Terri Horman agreed to vacate the family's home in Northwest Portland by 3 p.m. Saturday.

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