It's no secret that many local parents and children are feeling stress over the Kyron Horman case.

Kids are feeling a lot of anxiety, said Barbara Blair, a Certified Child Life Specialist with Providence Health and Services.

Blair said the search for Kyron may cause some children sleep disturbances or separation anxiety.

Absolutely, they take that on internally and worry about their own safety, their family's safety, she said.

Blair said it's important to listen to your child's questions and concerns. Answer them honestly, supportively, validate their feelings. But don't overdo it, she said. Take this as an opportunity to go over your family's safety plans.

In light of the Kyron case, Scott Stein with Premier Martial Arts in West Linn, held a free stranger danger, self defense class Tuesday afternoon. Stein said a child's voice is their number one defense.

If a stranger approaches, the child should put their hands up, step back and yell, Stranger! Stranger! Don't touch me there! He said parents must educate kids about who's safe and who's not.

Just because a child has met, or even spent time with someone, doesn't mean they're safe, he said.

Letting them know the difference between someone they kinda know and someone who's actually responsible for them, Stein said.

Due to overwhelming interest in the stranger danger class, Premier Martial Arts will hold another class Friday.

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