COOS BAY, Ore. (AP) -- Unusually heavy surf has exposed the steel skeleton of an old shipwreck on the southern Oregon Coast.

The 324-foot Sujameco ran aground at full speed in heavy fog in 1929 at Horsfall Beach near North Bend. Send us your pics

The remains of the ship are regularly exposed in winter, but this year has been unusually good. This week the ship has been visible from bow to stern.

Springtime often offers beachcombers the chance to see the 'secrets of the sea' revealed. In February 2008, a massive mystery ship was exposed on the North spit of Coos Bay. The vessel was eventually identified as the George L. Olson.

PHOTOS: Mystery ship revealed

Further up the coast, at very low tides beachcombers can explore the ancient ghost forest tree stumps in Neskowin.

PHOTOS: Neskowin ghost forest

Also, cannon were found on the beach along the north coast as well.

PHOTOS: Cannon on beach

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