The following is a statement released by Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer, reagarding the grand jury letter about the deadly Aaron Campbell shooting:

To the members of the Grand Jury:

Thank you for your letter regarding your observations from the recent grand jury involving the officer involved shooting of Aaron Campbell. Serving on a grand jury such as this can be very difficult, and I thank you for your service to the community.

In regard to your letter, we will take your concerns and observations into consideration during the Bureau's officer-involved shooting review process.

We have worked hard over a number of years on the Bureau's use of force investigative and review processes. Our goal for our force investigations is that they are thorough, accurate and impartial. Our goal for our review process is that it is rigorous and honest, and that it includes a focus on policies, training and practice as well as individual member performance and decision making. When the Bureau's review is complete, an independent contractor hired by the City Auditor analyzes how well we performed in meeting these goals.

Next week we will be releasing the detective reports regarding this shooting. At that time, we will also explain to the community the entire review process.

Thank you again for your letter and commitment to this process.

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