PORTLAND,Ore. -- It comes sooner every year. No, not my climbing birthday, the SLABTOWNBENDER! It's three days and nights of blistering, raw garage rock in Northwest Portland.

Many veterans can still make it through three days, of which I am likely one, but we've been standing shaking our heads next to Marshall stacks for more than ten years now and we're Professionals, so try to pace yourself.

Be sure and stock up on merch too, the recorded music isn't paying the bills too much anymore these days, so live gigs are survival for bands.

Sunday night's headliners, crusty hero-garage gods Pierced Arrows have also just released their second full-length disc, so buy Fred, Toody and Kelly a round while you grab a copy and pay your respects.

Night 1,Friday:
Bare Wires
Coconut Coolouts
Ty Segall
The Girls
The Bug...S
Idle times
Howie & the Hot Knives

Night 2:
Cheap Flight
King Louie and the Missing Monuments
Greg Ashley
Sir Lord von Raven
Shannon & the Clams
The Sandwitches
Sons of Bitches
Thee Headliners

Night 3:
Pierced Arrows
Spider Babies
Mean Jeans
Pure Country Gold
The Leaders
Dead Ghosts
Dirty Cupcakes
Pity F***s
Manic Attracts
Indian Wars

Menu of Disaster : Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw $9; Four Tacos $5; Onion Rings $5; Chicken Fingers $5; Chicken Fingers and French Fries $6; French Fries $4; Chili $4; Chili Dog $4; Hotdog $2.50; Chicken Noodle Soup $4

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