PORTLAND,Ore. -- Face lift plans for PGE Park are coming into focus. The owner of the Portland Timbers has some new designs to share with the public.

Team owner Merritt Paulson is anxious to turn the stadium into a world-class major league soccer venue.

He already has crews doing pre-construction work here at PGE Park, preparing the facility for the soccer renovations.

Paulson's plans include new covered seats on the east side of the field.

One of MLS's requirements is that the playing field be surrounded by fans on all four sides.

You need that, said Paulson. You need a stadium of full-bowl seating. Right now, we've got basically a boomerang configuration.

In Paulson's design plan, the field itself will nudge to the northwest a few feet to make sure everything can fit in place.

Look for a new big-screen monitor to the south as well as a new restaurant.

The new main entrance to the stadium will be on the northeast corner at 18th avenue along with a new team store.

Designs for the $31 million renovation will have to go through a public review process prior to approval.

The city and the team owner are still working out the details to their landlord-tenant agreement. Mayor Sam Adams promises full protection to the City's General Fund.

He says he is working hard to make sure the deal does indeed reflect that protection that Commissioner (Randy) Leonard and myself have negotiated.

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