Caught in the middle of the tragedy at Ford Hood Army base, that has gripped the entire nation is 47-year-old Dorothy Carskadon.

Portland and Oregon can be very proud of her, said Trey Carskadon, her brother.

Dorothy was stationed at Fort Hood to get ready for a late November deployment. That is when the LaSalle High School graduate crossed paths with Major Nidal Hasan.

The guy burst in, said something in a foreign language, and the shots started to ring out, explained Carskadon. One of the bullets grazed Dorothy s forehead. Blood started streaming down her face and she got on the floor and was shot a second time in the hip, said Carskadon. That bullet fractured Dorothy s hip bone, but despite the pain, she was able to shield a fellow soldier who was pregnant. She literally put herself on top to save another person and took a bullet doing it, added Carskadon.

And that bullet hit Dorothy in the stomach, ultimately causing the most damage. As far as we know she's the most seriously wounded of those who survived, said Carskadon.

Dorothy was expected to make a full recovery, but she remains in the intensive care unit. Her brother said she was handling it with dignity and grace.

Even when the generals met with her, she was quick to apologize for her appearance and very quick to show them the respect their due, added Carskadon.

It is a sense of patriotism when the Fort Hood community needs it the most. I'm very proud of her, as are my brothers and sisters, we're all proud of her.

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