The struggling economy has hit home in one small Oregon city.

Layoffs at A-DEC

Thursday night outside the A-DEC headquarters in Newberg some employees walked to their car for the final time.

A company spokesperson told NewsChannel 8 the dental equipment provider was chopping ten percent of its workforce. That breaks down to more than ninety jobs.

"This is incredibly hard for all the employees because our friends, co-workers, and people we live with everyday this impacts whether they're still here and we're working with them or they're not here," said Paula Vogel, a company spokesperson.

Hoping to save jobs, Vogel said, the company tried everything from re-budgeting to a wage freeze, but in the end the decision was inevitable. "It's every aspect of people slowing down," added Vogel.

In a city of no more than 23,000 people city attorney Terry Mahr said the announcement could have a long-lasting impact. "You're really sorry for the families that this happened to because you know the jobs over there are good jobs and the people, when they lose their jobs, it's going to be bad and devastating," said Mahr.

The chances that any of the employees could get their jobs back are slim. "We're not making a promise of bringing people back. We just want people to get on," added Vogel.

The company has offered the impacted employees a severance package that includes wage and benefit continuations.

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