UPDATE: On Monday, July 28, the Andersons told KGWthe stolen medical supplies had been returned. The person who left them at the doorstep said they had been dumped in a nearby yard.Click for a photo

PORTLAND -- At 3-1/2 years old, Noah Anderson has already exceeded expectations.

He wasn t supposed to live past one, said his mom, Jaelyn Anderson, the boy s mom.

She said her son was born with a hole in his diaphragm.

It s called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. So when he was born all of his organs were in his chest cavity, Anderson explained.

As a result, Noah s lungs didn t properly develop.

But the little boy is a fighter. He s now able to spend some time off of his ventilator and he loves being outside whenever he gets the chance.

He just wants to be a normal 3-year-old, His mom said.

But, late last week life threw Noah another curve ball.

Anderson said somebody stole three boxes off of the front porch of their Longview home. They contained a 30-day supply of formula and feeding bags that connect to Noah s feeding tube.

The supplies are delivered to Anderson s home once a month.

It s just so frustrating, Anderson said. People don t realize that I can t just go to the grocery store and feed him that way. I have to order these supplies.

Shawna Estrada, of Centralia, can relate to Anderson. Her son is living with cerebral palsy. He, too, is dependent on formulas and feeding bags.

When Estrada heard about what happened to the Anderson family she sent boxes of formula and feeding bags immediately.

I've been there, ran out of supplies, said Estrada. It's not like you can borrow sugar from a neighbor.

There's so many people out there who do care and want to help, said a grateful Anderson.


KGWreporters Mark Hanrahan and Mike Benner contributed to this report.

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