PORTLAND-- When you think of summer, a sinkhole may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But now is prime time for problems.

The heat warming road surfaces can expose sinkholes that have been developing for a long time.

The concrete and asphalt that is holding up the road has a harder and harder time supporting the roadway.

And then you have the July heat like we ve been having and it starts softening and it starts to cave in to that sinkhole, said Dylan Rivera of the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

People made note of a few new sinkhole problems on social media. Ashley Greely says she posted about a hole on Southeast 118th Street near where she works at an assisted living center.

She and coworkers wanted to know how deep the cavern was under the pavement.

So we stuck the stick in there but the stick wasn t giving any resistance so I was able to keep going and I went all the way up my arm it was pretty deep, said coworker Laura Torres.

The women also contacted the city; now a steel plate covers the roadway until a more permanent fix is in place. PBOT wants you to let them know about sinkholes right away by calling their pothole and sinkhole hotline.

You can call us and we ll get right on the case with a sinkhole, said Rivera.

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