KELSO, Wash. The Freedom Market in Kelso was set to become the first business in Southeast Washington to legally sell marijuana.

But not everything went as planned on opening day.

Washington businesses were approved to begin selling pot at 8 a.m. The owner of Freedom Market had scheduled that store s first shipment to arrive Tuesday morning, with sales starting right afterward. However, the shipment was late.

Now it seems, Freedom Market s first shipment won t be arriving until Tuesday night. Eager shoppers were getting told to come back later. Customers will also have to deal with high prices, since the supply of marijuana is limited.

The staff was preparing for hundreds of customers a day. They also said they realize this is uncharted territory, so they re taking the delayed delivery in stride.

It s very exciting being on the cutting edge of history, said Freedom Market owner Kathy Nelson. We ve worked hard to get to this point, it took a whole crew of people to accomplish it and investment in time and energy and money to do it in a timely fashion that the state put in front of us.

Once business starts moving, the store will be open from 8 a.m. until midnight.


KGW reporters Mike Benner and Mark Hanrahan also contributed to this report.

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