PORTLAND A 122-year-old Northwest Portland home is at the center of a fight now that its new owners have talked about taking it down.

New owner Kevin Rose, who once graced the cover of Business Week as founder of the website Digg, told neighbors he and his wife Darya wanted to do some work on the Willamette Heights neighborhood home.

As first reported by KGW news partner The Oregonian, it appears the renovation has turned into a demolition. Now more than 1,000 people have signed an online petition to keep the Roses from taking it down for which they paid $1.3 million, according to the newspaper.

Marvin Witt lives on the other side of the home and told KGW he was concerned after reading what the couple posted online about the home.

Unfortunately we drastically underestimated the level of work required to bring it up to date, they wrote. In building a new home our priority will be to create one that will last another hundred years.

What they re saying is all an excuse, Witt said. They want to tear the house down and they want to build a new house and they re trying to find anything they can to support their decision.

But the couple has promised no wrecking balls; they want to carefully deconstruct the home and donate parts to charity.

Legally, the owners have every right to take the house down and build another one. But they said they would be willing to sell the home back to its previous owners.

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