PORTLAND-- Flags flew at half staff across the state after two recent school shootings in the Pacific Northwest.

On Tuesday, Paul Lee's family said their final goodbyes and laid their son to rest.

After the service, the Lee family invited KGW to sit down and talk about how they're continuing Paul's legacy.

We like to think of it as each day is another day, that we're closer to Paul, said Albert Lee, Paul's brother.

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On June 5th, Albert got a phone call from his younger sister telling him his only brother had been shot and killed.

If I didn't have people around me, I definitely would not be here right now, said Lee.

Paul made people laugh and he loved to dance, Albert Lee said.

Just watching him dance, you could feel the warmth because he had such a fire for it. His passion was just overflowing every time he danced, Albert Lee said.

Just five days after his brother was killed in a campus shooting, word came in that there had been another school shooting, this time, at Reynolds High School in Troutdale.

I had just woken up and I was going through my phone and I saw on social media that another shooting had occurred and the first thing in my mind was just like 'Not again. No way,' Lee said.

His family said Paul's life was ended by the very kind of person that he wanted to help, someone struggling with emotional and mental health.

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He felt like he wanted to do something to help others and be a positive light, Lee said.

So, family and friends decided to do something about it.

We felt like something big, like a foundation was possible and we looked into it with the help of others, fortunately, we were able to get things underway, Lee said.

His family has started a non-profit called The Paul Lee Foundation to raise awareness and resources for those struggling with mental health.

The story of Paul's physical life, the way it ended, I guess was the beginning of another story that is just getting underway, Albert Lee said.

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