PORTLAND Friends said shooting victim Emilio Hoffman was passionate about playing soccer and would have loved what happened at the Timbers game Wednesday night.

Thousands of Timbers fans, along with the players, honored him with a moment of silence in the stadium.

The Timbers Army also did one of their famous chants, just for Emilio: We are the Rose City, you can't stop us! the huge crowd yelled.

Video: Crowd does special chant:

This is a way we can feel less helpless, and yet support our community at the same time, said fan Samantha Markowitz. Maybe his family is watching, knowing that we care and we're also saddened by this.

He is here in spirit, another fan commented.

Emilio made junior varsity as a freshman at Reynolds, but his love of soccer extended far beyond his high-school field. He played for multiple club teams, always wearing the number 29 jersey. He also coached younger kids every Tuesday at Total Fubol Academy Barcelona Oregon.

He was a great influence and an inspiration to them and he'll continue to live because of them, said fellow soccer coach Sean Monaghan.

Monaghan was among a large crowd of loved ones who came to honor Emilio at the Timbers game.

He was just a really happy kid and seemed like he really loved the game and he always brought a smile to people's faces, he said.

Perhaps no one smiled more for Emilio than his mom, Jennifer Hoffman.

In a statement shared with the media, Jennifer said once Emilio found soccer, that was it, soccer was his whole life.

This made the 29th minute of the Timbers game, and the special moment of silence, even more special.

Be happy like Emilio, Smile like him. Laugh like him, Jennifer said.

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