VANCOUVER -- A man was found dead after fire raced through a Vancouver apartment complex Wednesday night.

The man's body was found inside the burned structure Thursday morning, as first reported by The Columbian. His name has not yet been released but he was identified as a renter in the apartment complex.

An autopsy was scheduled for Saturday.

The fire started around 11:30 p.m., Wednesday at the Sunpointe Apartments on SE Pine Crest Avenue, near Mill Plain. Six apartments were destroyed in the blaze and many others damaged.

Firefighters had difficulty entering the building, because the structure was on the verge of collapsing. They were not able to get inside to search for victims until several hours after the fire broke out.

A downstairs neighbor told KGW his fire alarm went off, and he ran door-to-door, alerting neighbors of the fire.

Some residents told KGW they only had time to grab what was on the kitchen counter before fleeing for their lives.

Large flames could be seen shooting from the building overnight. It burned so hot, the flames crumbled concrete steps up to the top floor.

Apartment residents said the units did not have sprinklers inside, but they did just get new smoke detectors.

All other residents got out safely with no injuries.

KGW Reporter Erica Heartquist contributed to this report.

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