PORTLAND The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That may be the case with a recent deal between Powell s Books and satirist Stephen Colbert.

Colbert declared war against internet giant Wednesday, claiming the online retailer put the brakes on sales of his books. Now, he s teaming up with Portland s iconic bookseller to promote the sale of books available at Powell s.

I m mad Prime! Cobert said Wednesday evening on his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report. Watch out Bezos, this means war!

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Colbert called out CEO Jeff Bezos for a highly publicized tussle between his company and Hachette, the company that publishes Colbert s books, such asI am America, (and so can you).

Colbert cited reports that was raising prices and delaying orders of Hachette books in order to dissuade customers from buying them.

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On Wednesday s show, Colbert interviewed Northwest author Sherman Alexie about the issue.

Alexie said authors were getting abused by corporations that are so big they control prices and market forces in order to eliminate their competition.

He then recommended the new book California by author Edan Lepucki. The book is being sold through Colbert told his viewers to pre-order the book through his own site (which takes them to the Powell s order page.)

We re going to prove that I can sell more book than Amazon, he told his viewers.

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Powell s Books spokeswoman Kim Sutton said Thursday that her store was happy to work with Colbert and expected more antics on his Thursday night show.

It has helped sales, Sutton said, though she declined to say by how much. Powell's is thrilled and excited for the opportunity to be a part of this.

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