PORTLAND Nobody gets around like the Portland Trail Blazers' Nicolas Batum. In fact, he traveled farther on the court this season than any NBA player, according to stats compiled by the NBA.

The ForwardCenter blog on combed through results generated by a network of motion-tracking cameras installed in all 29 NBA arenas and other stats to distill out how the Blazers ranked in regular season performance this year.

The stats on who traveled the farthest on the parquet this year are mixed in with other regular season stats and show what we all know, that the Blazers have some of the top players in the league.


Nicolas Batum finished the regular season after covering 216.0 miles, eight miles more than the next closest player in the NBA.

Ball handling

In terms of which Blazer touches and possesses the ball the most, it s no surprise that Damian Lillard led the team. He averages 84 touches per game. That puts him at 11th in the NBA and with 6,888 total touches this season, he s fifth-best in the league overall. He held the ball an average of 6.9 minutes per game, eighth-best in the league.


Lillard also led the team in average passes per game with 60.8, the 14th best in the NBA.

Rim protection

Guarding the hoop comes down to Robin Lopez. He ended regular season ranked third in the NBA, behind DeAndre Jordan and ahead of Roy Hibbert, at field goal attempts at the rim with 10.3 per game.

According to ForwardCenter, Lopez s opponents converted an average of 4.4 attempts at the rim per game, 11th in the NBA. Rebounds

LaMarcus Aldridge ranked ninth in the league for rebounds in regular season play, averaging 16.7 chances per game.


Damian Lillard racked up 623 drives in the season, putting him ninth in the NBA. Lillard ended the regular season fifth in the league overall, with 461 points resulting from his drives.

Pull ups

Lillard attempted 5.9 pull ups per game, 14th best in the NBA. With 1,664 points on pull ups this season, the Blazers were second only to Oklahoma City in the entire league.

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