SALEM A police officers is under investigation after he tasered a teen riding a skateboard through a prohibited area, according to a newspaper report.

The Statesman Journal reported that on April 18, Jory Leach, 19 , was riding a skateboard through the Salem transit center when he was intercepted by a police officer on a bicycle. Skateboarding is prohibited in the area.

Leach told the Statesman Journal he felt the officer was being overly aggressive.

I told him I didn't need this right now, I was on my way to something. He flipped out, told me to sit down. He was in my face yelling at me, Leach told the newspaper.

According to eyewitness video the officer threw the teen s skateboard aside and told him to put his hands up. Leach then got up, walked away and started to call his mother.

The officer then tasered him and Leach fell to the ground.

Leach said he went to file a complaint with police a few days later and was discoursed from making the report, according to the Statesman Journal.

Ever since, I've been having nightmares, a lot of PTSD kind of stuff. I want him to admit he was out of line and if he won't, I'm going to file a lawsuit against Salem Police, Leach told the newspaper.

Lt. Dave Okada said the police had launched an internal investigation, according to the Stateman Journal.

We will look at everything available to us, as we do with any investigation, Okada said.

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