PORTLAND- What could your school do with $50,000?

Several high schools in Oregon hope to find out if they're the top winner in a Vans national shoe design contest.

St. Stephen's Academy in Beaverton hopes this is their year to step forward and accept the grand prize.

The competition is open to 2000 high schools nationwide. Vans picks the top 50 from five regions across the country.

Kathy Mier's fine art class at St. Stephen's has been in the top 50 for three of the past four years.

This year, Mier's seven member team hopes this time they go all the way.

They were given four pair of blank vans. Each pair had to be decorated to reflect a different theme, like local flavor, art, music and a board sport.

The vans contest helps them work with a different material, said Mier. They work with several different types of markers on the canvas which behaves differently than paper .

Every team member contributes to each shoe with the design and the actual artwork.

The on-line voting is happening now. The deadline is May 11th.

There are several other Oregon schools also in the top 50, and you can cast your vote here.

The top on-line vote getters will determine the top five. From that group Vans will pick a top winner. That team will be announced in June.

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