BEAVERTON, Ore. -- After a 12-year-old Beaverton girl reported that a stranger got out of a green pickup and came after her Wednesday morning, police released a sketch of the man and asked the public to help identify him.

Instead, the man saw the sketch of his face and called police, saying he was just trying to help the girl, whom he thought had dropped something from her bike.

The girl told officers she was riding her bike on the sidewalk along Southwest Scholls Ferry Road at about 8:30 a.m. when the driver passed her and then stopped and got out, according to Mike Rowe of the Beaverton Police Department.

The man reportedly started walking toward her with outstretched arms, saying she had dropped something. Knowing she hadn't dropped anything, the girl got on her bike again and rode away toward home.

Background: Beaverton girl reports 'stranger danger'

The man saw the drawing of his face and called Beaverton police. After an interview, officers believe the man was just trying to do the right thing and at no time was going to harm the young lady, a spokesman for Beaverton police said.

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