LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- A Lake Oswego mother fighting late-stage cancer got a piece of her past back Monday.

A special dollhouse was returned to Daisy Phillips Monday. She's hoping more of her lost items will be found soon.

During her chemotherapy, Phillips rented space at Public Storage in Lake Oswego so she could store some family heirlooms for her adult daughter, Olivia. She wanted the treasured items to be in a safe place so that Olivia would have them, to remember her by.

Then, without warning, Phillips' family found out that everything in the storage unit had been sold at auction.

I started crying, I couldn t control myself, and we just held each other, said Olivia. She has cancer and that s a really scary thing and these are important family things that one day I wanted to give to my children.

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The items were sold because Phillips was delinquent on paying her rental fees, however, Daisy didn't even know about it.

The monthly payments had always been automatically deducted from Phillips debit card. But she was recently a victim of ID theft and afterher bank issued her a new card, the automatic payments stopped. She tried several times to sign up again for the automatic payments, but was not successful. Then, a while after, Public Storage sent her items to auction.

KGW covered Phillips' plight as she tried to track down her missing heirlooms. This week, she got word that someone had located her special dollhouse, which had been inside the storage unit. She had to buy the dollhouse on Tuesday, at a cost of $500, but it she had it back and that's all that mattered.

Other treasures still missing include Olivia's christening gown, a special rocking chair and a model lighthouse that Daisy's mom made for her when she was a child.

Mom had made for me when I was in third or fourth grade. She had made it herself from a doll kit. She had sourced everything. Daisy said.

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Now Phillips hopes somehow, someone will learn of her quest to get more items back. Even if she has to buy them, she said their sentimental value is priceless.

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