PORTLAND -- A lawsuit filed against the Archdiocese of Portland Tuesday accused a notorious local priest of sexually abusing a boy at a Seaside parish.

Father Maurice Grammond of Our Lady of Victory parish in Seaside allegedly fondled and performed oral sex several times on a 12-year-old boy between 1968 and 1974, according to documents received by KGW. The plaintiff is now 52 and lives in Benton County.

Grammond died in 2002 and has been called Oregon's most notorious pedophile priest. In the late 1990s a flood of lawsuits against Grammond claimed he molested dozens of boys. He cost the archdiocese $33.4 million to settle 54 cases, according to newspaper reports.

Attorneys representing the Benton County man said they were seeking $2 million in noneconomic damages and $30,000 for counseling resulting from Grammond's actions.

Oregon law let's victims sue for childhood abuse until they reach the age of 40, or until five years after they make a connection between adult problems and the abuse, the plaintiff's attorneys said.

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