PORTLAND-- A Portland man who went to investigate activity in his garage early Wednesday morning ended up with a rifle pointed at him. He later found out he had confronted a man suspected of shooting a police officer and K-9 officer nearby.

Neighbor David Bell lives about a mile and a half from the shooting scene at Capitol Highway and Lobelia Street. He told KGW he heard his black lab barking in the garage and went to check it out around 4 a.m.

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As Bell walked out onto his deck, he saw the suspect limping away and chased him, he told KGW.

When he got out of the shadows that's when I saw he had an assault rifle, and he raised it at me and told me he didn't want to do it but he would shoot me, Bell said.

Finally he kind of lowered the gun and started apologizing, just saying, 'I'm sorry. I got hit.' He said, 'I've been hit, I don't really know what I'm doing,' Bell said.

Not knowing what to do, Bell told the suspect he better get going because he had called the police.

He literally was like, 'Can you call them back and tell them not to come?' I said, 'Listen, it just doesn't work that way,' Bell said. He obviously was just scared and trying to find a way out of the situation.

Then, Bell said, the gunman ambled off.

I would have done things very differently if I had seen the news before I had jumped out of the house, he said.

Portland Police Chief Mike Reese commended Bell and other neighbors who called 911 with tips about the suspect's whereabouts, calling it critically important to his capture.

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Bell returned to his home and discovered his cars had been prowled. Shortly after that, police and SWAT officers arrived. His wife, who was watching the news, told him of the danger he had put himself in.

You better get back here, there's a guy with a gun, she said. Yeah, I just met him, Bell replied.

Both the suspect and the officer shot, 16-year veteran Portland police Officer Jeff Dorn, had non-life-threatening injuries, police said. Dorn's K-9 partner Mick was shot to death.

A processional was held for Mick from the scene of the shooting to a Southeast Portland veterinarian's office.

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KGW Reporter Nina Mehlhaf contributed to this report.

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