DAMASCUS-- A man wants to disincorporate his property from the city of Damascus, calling it the poster child for dysfunction, according to a newspaper report.

The Oregonian reported Sunday that Hank Brown wants to remove his property from Damascus, in Clackamas County, only 10 years after the city voted to incorporate in the first place. Brown said he was tired of waiting for the city to zone his property and that in-fighting among residents about a zoning plan made him doubtful the city will ever get its act together.

Damascus incorporated into a municipality in 2004, in part to stave off development plans, devised by the Metro regional government, aimed at making the area a model for smart growth. Since then, the city has seen a revolving door of city managers and residents have been unable to ratify a comprehensive zoning plan required by state law.

In 2013 a movement to dissolve the city failed on a technicality, even though a majority of voters passed the public initiative.

Brown said he is fed up with the process and has moved to uncouple his property from the city. He could then join neighboring Happy Valley, or remain an island of unincorporated land.

The Damascus city council has hinted that they might fight Brown in court, according to the Oregonian.

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