PORTLAND TriMet increased its security presence by installing security cameras at all of its 87 stations.

The transportation agency said it hopes the cameras will help prevent crime in addition to helping police find people who commit crimes on the MAX.

According to officials, TriMet crimes went down by 25 percent last year, a change they believe was partly due to the surveillance system.

Now, after the recent upgrade funded by a $4.9 million grant from the Transportation Security Agency, TriMet said it has 4,400 security cameras system-wide.

People have digital cameras in their homes right now to stop crimes, said Mike Irwin, the security director for TSA Oregon. The point is, we want everybody to not only be secure, from the terrorism aspect, but also, that leads over to the safety aspect.

TriMet officials said after this, the next big upgrade will be converting older cameras on trains and buses from analog to digital. That conversion was expected to take several years.

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