Update: After seeing this story, two KGW viewers helped Zwicky purchase a brand-new computer to replace the one that was stolen. They asked to remain anonymous.

PORTLAND An Air Force veteran s backpack containing her computer was stolen near Portland State University Friday.

Heidi Zwicky, a veteran who is studying digital graphics at PSU through the VA s vocational rehab program, said it took her months to save up for a new Macbook Pro.

When she received the computer a few weeks ago, she said it changed her life. She transferred all of her school work onto the laptop.

To get that new computer was like an amazing blessing in terms of just it was like a whole new outlook. Like, Yes, I can finally do this! Zwicky said.

But on Friday, her computer and all of her schoolwork were stolen.

Zwicky was at Copyman at Southwest 11th Avenue to make a copy of her portfolio for a graduate school application. She set down her belongings down on a chair, and that s when she said two men took her backpack.

There are more important things than a laptop, and I realize that, Zwicky said. It s still just not fun to accept that somebody would do that.

Surveillance video shows two men walking into the store and talking with employees.

In this image, one of the suspects can be seen walking out of the store with a backpack.

Zwicky said later, her backpack was recovered but the laptop was missing.

Anyone with information about the incident was asked to contact police.

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