PORTLAND A man who posted a Youtube video about comments made by a Westmoreland grocer, that he deemed as anti-gay, has taken the post down as part of an agreement.

Sean O Riordan helped ignite a local controversy after a video he posted on April 1 highlighting statements made by Chauncy Childs hit the media.

Childs, who plans to open the Moreland Farmer s Pantry in O Riordan s neighborhood, stated on Facebook that she believed businesses had the right to refuse service to gay people and that gay marriage might lead to pedophilia and bigamy.

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Childs has since repeatedly stated that she would not, in fact, discriminate against gay people.

Discrimination is against state law.

Residents, bloggers and business owners reacted in social media. Some accused Childs of intolerance and others said Childs should not be persecuted for her personal beliefs.

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In a statement sent to KGW Friday evening, O Riordan stated that he had made an arrangement with Childs' husband John just before that controversy hit the media on April 3. Under the arrangement he agreed to take down the video after the couple had made a donation to a local charity.

In it O Riordan says:

On the morning of April 3rd, John Childs, one of the owners of the Moreland Farmer s Pantry came to my home, introduced himself and asked if we could have a conversation. I found Mr. Childs to be a man who is sincere in his beliefs and passionate in discussion.

Although he and I fundamentally disagree on several issues, we were not disagreeable in our discussions. Mr. Childs asserted that he understood our family s position and assured us that neither he nor his wife nor their business would ever discriminate toward their customers.

O Riordan statement says John Childs proposed to make a donation as a show of good faith.

Full statement from Sean O'Riordan

On Friday O Riordan received confirmation that the Childs family had made a donation to the Equity Foundation, a Portland based LGBTQ foundation and had taken the video down.

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