WOODBURN, Ore. -- Darlene Ford's boyfriend of 13 years is turning 89, but the celebration was a bit tainted after the couple woke up to find graffiti on the side of their home.

It's very disgusting, said Ford. I can't understand why people do things such as that.

Others in the Estates Golf and Country Club in Woodburn woke up to the same disbelief. Phone and cable lines were slashed. Property was covered in spray paint.

Pretty frustrating, said Darlene Gordon.

Gordon woke up to find her garage doors tagged. Her car was hit, too. A note attached to the car caught her eye. It singled out the senior community's views on the nearby Interstate 5 interchange project.

That's what he [the detective] said when he came out, said Ford. I thought it was kids doing it.

Neighbors do not have a lot of patience for the vandalism.

I guess we'll have to get our shotguns out and surprise them when they come up, added Ford.

For now, she has a birthday to celebrate.

The love of my life.

Authorities did find some surveillance video. They hope to pass it along to the media as soon as possible.

On Friday, Graffiti Removal Services visited the vandalized homes and helped clean up. Workers said they saw the story and knew they had to do something.

The vandals and taggers must not have any grandparents or parents, said Paul Watts of Graffiti Removal Services. It's pretty obscene.

Meanwhile, anyone with information about the vandalism that may help investigators was urged to call the Woodburn Police Department.

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