PORTLAND, Ore. The Super Bowl is almost here, and fans in the metro area are gearing up.

At the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland, the 12th Man Flag is flying, and the statue of Zelda the dog has a 12th dog cape.

The kids love it and we have a lot of visitors down from Seattle this week and so it s getting a lot of photographs , said General Manager Chris Erickson.

Esther Short Park in Vancouver will be the sight of a Seahawks rally Saturday at 11am. Carmen Westre painted signs on Friday with friends. She came up with the rally idea and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. So far more than 500 people have said they d go.

There s gonna be a lot of people there and just celebrating the Seahawks and having a good time and celebrating community, so I m excited, said Westre.

The rally will have contests and games, and a 12th man flag to sign for the team. A school supply drive will help students who need it.

At a Vancouver Fred Meyer, there were plenty of Super Bowl Party supplies, and lots of fans coming in to get them.

Longtime fan Jan Hasbrouck has been supporting the Seahawks since 1987, and is very excited about the team headed to the Super Bowl.

The fact that they re such a young team it s astounding, the quarterback is 25, Marshawn (Lynch) is 27 or something just on age alone we got em, said Hasbrouck.

And in the meat department, there was a lone Denver Broncos fan, feeling the heat but dressed in blue and orange.

I get people stopping me teasing me but you know that s the way it... I ve been a Broncos Fan my whole life, said butcher Steve Marosi.

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