BEAVERTON The City of Beaverton wants its residents to stop flushing money down the toilet.

In a new effort between the city and the Regional Water Providers Consortium, officials are working to increase toilet efficiency awareness.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but leaky or running toilets can waste huge amounts of money over time. While many people may let the yellow mellow to save on water usage, the Environmental Protection Agency said addressing easy-to-fix leaks may save homeowners more than 10 percent on water bills.

So, how do you know if your bowl is wasting water? City leaders urge to use the four Rs.

First, remember to check your toilet for leaks twice a year. To do this, add 10 drops of food coloring inside your toilet tank and wait 10 minutes. If the dye shows up in your bowl, you have a leak.

Second, repair leaks with inexpensive replacement parts. Do-it-yourselfers can check out a how-to video on the RWPC s website.

Third, retrofit older toilets to use less water by installing a toilet tank displacement bag or a fill cycle diverter.

And finally, replace your old toilet with a high-efficiency toilet. Older toilets can use p to four times more water per flush. The city provides rebates for replacing inefficient toilets.

Call Glen Dorsey at 503-350-4059 to learn more about the City of Beaverton s rebate program.

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