BEAVERTON, Ore. Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis was in Beaverton Monday night to talk to young swimmers about competing in the games, and about standing up for what they believe in.

Louganis may not be a winter athlete, but his stance on the games in Sochi has already gotten him into hot water.

Some people who otherwise supported the gay athlete turned on him when he announced he didn't want the Unites State to boycott the games.

Background: Russian anti-gay laws inspire talk of Sochi boycotts

In 1980, Louganis had to sit the games out because the U.S. didn't send its athletes to Moscow.

Then in 1984, Russia and others boycotted the Olympics in Los Angeles.

I competed on two sides of two boycotts, and boycotts hurt the wrong people, Louganis told KGW. It hurts the athletes. So I ve always said to let the athletes go and really allow them to shine.

Louganis said he'll be looking closely at the opening ceremony, and throughout the games, to see if any of the athletes wear items or make statements that even in a subtle way protest Russian anti-gay laws.

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