PORTLAND -- Contract talks will resume Thursday between Portland's teachers union and the school district.

The session was scheduled after a meeting Wednesday with Portland Mayor Charlie Hales. School district spokesman Robb Cowie said the mayor shared his concerns about the lack of agreement and expressed his support for a negotiated settlement, urging both sides to work toward finding a solution.

Hales has been in touch with both the district and the teachers union about the negotiations, Cowie said. Teachers union president Gwen Sullivan and district superintendent Carole Smith were both at the city hall meeting.

The mayor has been paying attention to what's happening and wanted to express his support for a settlement, Cowie explained. He added that Hales did not offer to intervene or give any other kind of assistance. His message was one of encouragement to both sides to continue to work toward an agreement.

Cowie said he was unsure where and what time the Thursday talks would take place, but he knew that a mediator would not be present.

He added that the two sides had been talking informally over the last few days.

Listen to the OPBinterview with Charlie Hales below

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