PORTLAND The Rose City is well known for its trees and bicycles, and on Saturday, the two came together in a green pedal-powered way for the largest bicycle tree planting ever held in Portland.

More than 25 bike trailers took to the streets, hauling trees to homeowners who purchased them through the nonprofit organization Friends of Trees. For crew chief Tyler Prehn, it's his very first time pulling a tree trailer.

There's a lot of momentum. It was kind of funny seeing how it would push you. You get up some speed and good thing I got new brakes, he said.

The organization is celebrating its 25th year and in that time it has planted more than half-a-million trees and shrubs around Oregon. Until recently, pickup trucks were necessary to carry all the trees and equipment to planting sites, but bicycle trailers changed everything.

I'm hauling a tree around on my bike and it's been a good day, said Ryan Maher.

He and his girlfriend decided to volunteer as a way to give back to his neighborhood on this Martin Luther King weekend. He fully expected to get a few strange looks.

That chocolate Lab back there gave me a weird look, but most of the people are just stoked and cheering us on as we ride around, he said.

Bikes and trees are two of Portland s favorite things and they are finally coming together to make the city even greener.

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