GLADSTONE,Ore. -- Not many people have a Siberian Lynx, but Patrick Clark got his more than 16 years ago in Utah.

She doesn't like the smell of cigarettes which is funny, said Clark.

The quirky cat is sort of like a service animal. Clark is a veteran. The 35-pound cat helps take his mind off of what he experienced overseas.

There's too many joys, said Clark. She's a cuddler.

But she is not allowed to live in the city of Gladstone. The city does not allow exotic animals. Clark did not know that until a neighbor complained. Right then he had to decide if he would give the cat away, have it euthanized, or fight to keep it. Clark chose the fight and he had an advocate.

If you love animals, whichIdo, you look and say, 'We have a law that's rigid,' said Oregon state Sen. Alan Olsen.

Olsen lobbied the city council to allow Clark to keep the cat, but not everyone agreed with the idea.

We have a law on the books and it's a safety issue, said Gladstone Councilman Neal Reisner.

Reisner was in the minority. The rest of the city council voted to keep Clark and the exotic pet together while Olsen sees what he can do on their behalf in Salem.

I'm ecstatic, said Clark.

The city council will re-evaluate the issue in a few months.

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