GRAYS HARBOR CO., Wash. - Elaine Imler faced a judge for the seventh time on adriving under the influence charge. The 50-year-old Hoquiam woman has four prior convictions for DUI.

A Fish and Wildlife officer stopped Imler after he said she was swerving last Friday morning near Westport.

At the time of the traffic stop Imler was on probation after pleading guilty to a DUI charge following a hit-and-run crash in October.

I hope they do something this time because this woman's going to kill somebody, said Mike Murphy, who was hurt by Imler in the October crash after she rear-ended him while they were driving through a school zone.

Imler tried to drive away from the scene before her car broke down. She was charged with hit-and-run and driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

She spent one night in jail and prosecutors dismissed the hit and run charge after Imler pleaded guilty to DUI.

Grays Harbor Sheriff Rick Scott said such a deal was unheard of, calling it the deal of the century.

Since Imler's husband is a defense attorney in Grays Harbor County, county prosecutor Gerald Fuller had a prosecutor in Pacific County handle the case. That prosecutor did not return phone calls to answer questions about the plea deal.

Murphy assumed Imler got a long jail sentence following his wreck and hopes that's the case this time.

I just ain't happy, said Murphy, The woman's a problem.

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