CORNELIUS, Ore. Some Cornelius residents came home to a mess Tuesday night due to a high pressure water event that sent highly pressured water into distribution lines Tuesday afternoon. That caused valve failure and water leaks inside some of the 110 homes in the impact area.

The Hillsboro Water Department was working on water lines at approximately 3 p.m. when the wrong valve was opened, accidentally shooting high pressure water down the pipes into homes along Tualatin-Valley Highway between Southwest 334th to 341st Avenues.

The force of the pressure blew out fixtures, causing leaks and spilling water. The water department said 110 homes were in the impact area but fewer than 10 claims have been filed.

My dad hit the water release valve, and water just started going all over the floor, said resident Shauna Nichols.

Marvin Long said he hadn t even realized there was a problem in his home until later.

We didn't know but the whole floor was wet, Long said. [We] had to get dry towels and all the tools to try to straighten this thing out a little bit.

The water department Facebook page asked residents to check water fixtures and hot water heaters for leaks.

Water discoloration may occur throughout the western Hillsboro Water service area. It does not pose any health risks, please flush your water until it runs clear, the statement read.

Water department officials worry that some residents may have been on vacation or away from home during the accident. They hung door notices on homes Wednesday and will check in with resident to make sure the public is aware.

If you live in the area and find any problems with your water, call the Hillsboro Water Department.

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