UNIONCOUNTY, N.C. -- The adopted son of the Union County couple accused of abusing their foster children defends their character saying, they are loving parents.

Wanda Sue Larson and Dorian Harper were arrested Friday after their foster son was found handcuffed on the porch with a dead chicken around his neck.

Five children lived in the home. Deputies described filthy conditions inside the home unsuitable for kids.

Larson is a supervisor at Child Protective Services at Union County Department of Social Services.

The adopted son did not want to be identified. He said he came to live with Wanda Larson and Dorian Harper when he was 14 years old. He lived their until two years ago, when he turned 18.

I grew up in a caring and loving home, he said.

The punishment, he received at the home he thought was fair and fit the crime.

When asked why his 11-year-old sibling would have a dead chicken tied around his neck, he said, more than likely, the chicken around the neck, was to shame the child. There has to be something going on, between that child and that chicken. He either, one, didn't feed it and it died, or two, either he was out there harassing the chicken. He may have killed the chicken. This child has been known to be cruel to animals, he said.

To his knowledge, the 11 year-old boy has been living with the couple since he was 6.

Everyone says this is some sweet innocent kid when in actuality, he is not. He has been to counseling, he is on numerous heavy medications, but nothing has worked, he said.

Her son said, Larson was not home when a deputy came by the house Friday to find the boy chained to the porch railing with the dead chicken. He is certain, his mother would not have agreed to his father's choice of discipline, if she was around.

The 11 year old's biological family have said they have tried for years to get DSS to look into the allegations of abuse but that Larson's position with the county helped thwart their efforts.

They claim to have pictures to prove the child was physically abused and plan to turn it over as evidence to authorities.

According to the County DSS, all four of the couple's children, under 14 years of age, were adopted before Larson took on a supervisory role with the department.

The man dismissed accusations that the boy had been underfed and blamed the boy's small frame on a medical condition that stunted his growth since birth.

He is the type of child when everybody goes to bed at night, he gets up, sneaks downstairs and steals food, he said. He would sneak out into the garage take raw meat out of the freezer, let it thaw overnight and next day go out there and eat it raw.

He has severe psychological issues, he said. Everyone assumed all five children in the home have been abused, that is not accurate. You ask all four of the children, they will say they lived in a loving and caring home.

Union County Sheriff deputies plan to interview the children to get a better idea of their living environment. He accepted the fact his parents will suffer the consequence of their actions, but said they cared for the children.

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