PORTLAND -- The festive atmosphere outside the Moda Center preparing for the Blazers home opener Saturday night also brought protesters.

Some people were concerned about health care and the millions of dollars Moda health paid for the naming rights to the arena.

Outside the arena about two dozen protesters carried signs and handed out information. What they want is universal and affordable health care.

The price Moda paid to get the company name on the arena concerns them.

Moda has paid the garden $40 million just to put a sign up. How much health care can 40 million buy? Camilo Marquez said.

A Blazers representative said they were aware of the protest and that their focus was on the home opener.

The protesters didn't cause any problems but fans couldn't miss them as they approached the arena. For most the focus tonight stayed on basketball.

The Blazers beat the San Antonio Spurs 115-105 and have many fans excited about the team s prospects this season.

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KGW reporter Art Edwards contributed to this report.

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