PORTLAND Police were working Friday morning to figure out if the same woman is responsible for three similar armed robberies in less than a week.

The woman caught on camera robbing a bikini barista in Southeast Portland Wednesday looked very familiar to the owner of Sublime women s boutique in Happy Valley.

Background: Portland bikini barista stand robbed at gunpoint

Tina D Ambrosio told KGW Thursday that one of her employees might have been robbed and threatened earlier in the week by the same woman who robbed the coffee stand.

She said, Your insurance will cover you, not my kid, and she said, Give me all you ve got, D Ambrosio recalled. That s the same sentiment the coffee stand robber expressed.

And the woman wore a similar outfit.

It s the exact same look, same color hat and big sunglasses, D Ambrosio said.

The description also matches that of a woman who held up a Gresham bikini barista stand. Police described the suspect as petite, about 5-foot-3, and about 30-years-old.

Anyone with information on the suspect was asked to call police.

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